14 December 2008

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

I think Channing Hill is attractive; I think Prado is a stud and if he did it for me I would consider myself a lucky man. I also think Chantal Sutherland is hot.

I understand all the arguments and and I am not proposing this as an idea, just a point of discussion.

If we agree that we live in a society more concerned with flash than substance. If celebrity is just a function of celebrity and not anything tangible. If the WWE, a vapid and debased institution, pandering to the lowest common denominator of our society, can draw a crowd wherever they go, what is the argument against promoting the sizzle?

GreenbutGame (I can't find it now but her site is great anyway) had a post a while back where she commented on how she receives multiple Google search hits a day from people looking for 'naked pictures of Chantal Sutherland.'

Promote the jockeys. The don't have to be naked or scantily clad but giving them some face time would go a long way toward making the game noticeable.

These people are phenomenal athletes and deserve to have their prowess revealed.

American Express had a thing a while back where their celebrities started the commercial with the line 'Do you know me?'

In this day, where celebrity is inversely proportional to IQ, a smart and targeted exposure of one of our biggest assets would cause this game to rise above the dross.


Anonymous said...

A fine idea, but on the flip side - how about putting a face on those who are the bane of the sport? Would it possible to arm twist the powers that be by targeting the names and faces of known violators? I'd like to see poster waving protesters at major races. Owners who still employ the likes of Biancone, Mullins, and other riff raff can reap their full reward - they may be winning with dirty trainers, but they also have to accept that "everyone knows" how they win.

ljk said...

I'd say this jock is "promotable"

Anonymous said...

Great idea WNR. Here's the post you mention, she's still my highest ranked search criteria closely followed by Carol Cedeno.

I like to see women in various states of undress as much as the next "guy" but I think athletes are most hot when they're doing their thing or at the very least more contextual to their sport.

For example:

All hot with no knuckle dragging. I also agree with Anon's sentiment that there's not enough of a "face" on the scourge of the game.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess here's your jumping off point:

The Bid

The Bid
Greatest horse ever to look through a bridle