23 July 2008

Belmont is what?

I love Rush.

I mean I absolutely LOVE Rush.

There are those random souls who gain some sort of spiritual peace from following men in the sky who speak through incendiary vegetation. I have worshiped at the altar of the Temple of Syrinx since I was twelve.

I don't care about Saratoga....GASP! THE HELL YOU SAY!?!?!?! Horror! Murmur, murmur, murmur....Burn him! Well I never.

I can't really get all excited about Del Mar either.... Dude, that is not cool.

Yes I wrote that and I am in full possession of what little wits I have. If there are a few brave souls that have not thrown their computer against the wall in abject disgust, allow me to explain.

I have never been to either place...Well there you have it! The cretin admits it.

It just always seemed so exclusive. The racing is fantastic but the atmosphere, to me, was one of entitlement and privilege. (Not that horse racing in general isn't like that) Paying thousands of dollars for a weeks stay in a cottage somewhere, was beyond my understanding. Plus the name...The Spa, makes me want to strangle someone with that sweater they have tied around their neck.

Being pathologically antisocial, I also have serious issues with the image of the lifestyle. I mean who stands around, wearing Dockers and flip flops, one leg perched on a stool, head, casually thrown back, laughing and smoking a Parliament?

People at Saratoga that's who. They're out there. Don't try to tell me they're not.

It's really bloody hot too.

So there it is. I am a pariah now. I have gone against the tribe and made myself anathema. I will watch the races and enjoy them but I don't anticipate making it out there anytime soon.

Then again, I heard Rush for the first time when I was ten and could not stand it...


Brooklyn Backstretch said...

OK, so I am admittedly and unabashedly unobjective about my hometown.

But: "I mean who stands around, wearing Dockers and flip flops, one leg perched on a stool, head, casually thrown back, laughing and smoking a Parliament?

People at Saratoga that's who."

This is NOT true!

Yes, there's a significant social element at Saratoga. But for all the Biffs and Muffies, there are dozens of us hanging out in the backyard, in our shorts and T-shirts, drinking the cans of beer and eating the sandwiches that we brought with us. Saratoga is remarkably democratic, and that's one of the things that makes it great.

Come visit--I'll show you, and you'll be a convert. I promise.

Wind Gatherer said...

Teresa- "...Biffs and Muffies"

Thank You! I could not for the life of me remember that. All that kept coming to mind was Dirk and Eleanor and that was not right.

I guess for the sake of journalistic integrity, I might be coerced into attending someday.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, all the Biffs and Muffies are down here at Keeneland. Seriously, I know a Biff. And a Muffy. But honestly ... I just go to the races to look at the pretty horses anyway ....

John said...

Teresa is certainly not a Muffie, I saw her just the other morning walking through the backstretch mud in her flip flops, the woman has character! I thought there were less Biffs in attendance this week; they melt in the rain I am told!

Teresa said...

Hey, what's a little horse poop between your toes?

And you should have been in the backyard yesterday; you could have stood next to the man drinking domestic light beer from a can, belching loudly, and then inquiring of the crowd, "Why fart and waste it when you can burp and taste it?"

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