11 March 2009

Heels down!

I had my second riding lesson today. We started jumping. I hope my wife is happy with the number of kids we have.

Illinois might soon allow online wagering. One argument against this:

Anita Bedell with Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems says online gambling will lead to more people losing money, because people won't have to leave their homes to place bets.

Now I don't know about addiction but if your argument is people might lose money at home as opposed to anywhere else, maybe you shouldn't be arguing this case.

Ms. Bedell is obviously not an avid reader of HANA , Cangamble or the TBA.

Bedell says that the state should instead raise money by taxing racetracks.

332 more people who won't be making any breeders' sales this year.

Ten racing cards for ten bucks at DRF. Promo code tbablogs.


Gene Kershner said...

I prefer losing money in the comforts of my own home,actually.

And btw....Ouch.

Anonymous said...

It's all so hard to keep together: heels down, elbows in, hands together, head up, eyes ahead. Riding horses (badly) may be the most humbling thing I've ever done.

I expect to see you jumping next week.

Anonymous said...

I smoke pot when i ride and I always do great. This is an old backstretch trick. If you talk to the backstretch workers you will soon learn they are high most of the time.

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