26 February 2009

The Energizer bill

Illinois House committee just advanced a horse slaughter bill.

Some ideas are just too stupid to be voiced. To wit:

"Sacia's veterinarian, Dr. Tim Strathman, testified before the committee in favor of repealing the ban. To appease animal rights groups, Strathman proposed adding a tax on horses at slaughter plants to Sacia's measure. He said a $25 fee on horses payable to the state could then be turned over to horse organizations to fund non-slaughter alternatives." could not pass the bill, which would, I think, solve that pesky issue. Of course, this is an equal opportunity blog and we allow stupid people from both sides to voice their half-witted opinions.

"I just don't understand how we can tell these pets who have served and worked for us, 'We're going to slaughter you so Europeans can eat you,'" Molaro said.

Uh...the horses don't actually understand you, Dr. Doolittle; besides, do you think they're o.k. with slaughter but balk at consumption? I mean, at that point, they probably wouldn't give less than two shits for what the hell you do with them. I think the slaughter is what they might find objectionable.

Where is Alex Brown? He needs to kick somebody in the crotch.


Janine said...

Bob Molaro has been working against slaughter for a long time, he's the one who sponsored our ban in the first place. He's also a big fan of horse racing, this spring Hawthorne will run the $100,000 Robert S. Molaro Handicap for 4 and up Illinois breds over 6 furlongs.

We need everyone to call their representatives in the Illinois House and tell them to vote against this bill. You can find your rep here:

Wind Gatherer said...

Janine-Thank you. I was not aware of Mr. Molaro's stand.
However, my point was that perhaps there was a better argument to be made on behalf of the horses. If ever we needed statesmanship, it is now, on all accounts.
Thank you kindly for your comment and for the link. My representative has already heard from me.

Unknown said...

Re-establishing slaughter houses is really the most ridiculous thing I've heard of in a long time. I have yet to hear a justifiable argument for slaughtering horses. It is not an acceptable solution to the "unwanted horse population", nor is it a humane process.

Nontheless, clearly the pro-slaughter agriculture community/lobby is gathering significant strength, and I really hope the anti-slaughter community is working triple time to combat them.

Anonymous said...

what about the Cows. Who will save the Cows????

Alan Mann said...

You sure you're smart enough to be calling as many people 'stupid' and other demeaning terms as you do on this blog?

Janine said...

WG, you have to remember that's a newspaper article, not his full speech. They lead with a non-existent amendment to make it sound balanced. Rep. Sacia's just full of ideas to make slaughter palatable, two years ago he said we could set up a passport system so people could keep their horses from ever going to slaughter. He wanted to regulate the 99% of horses that don't go to slaughter, even though the passport system is not working in Europe.

Christine, we ARE the anti-slaughter community. We need all horsemen and racing fans to speak out to counteract the pro-slaughter spin from AQHA and related groups who claim to speak for all horse owners.

Wind Gatherer said...

Alan- Oh, dear. I have disappointed you again, haven't I? Oh, dear. Thanks for checking in; you give me much to think about.

Janine- Does the anti-slaughter group have a lobby?

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