30 January 2009

What business are we in?

What would Google do? Preservation is not a strategy.

The second article could prove instructive to racing management, in all its guises. (Note to management, pay attention to below policy in particular):


Google doesn't charge people to use its search engine. In fact, the fastest-growing Net companies—from Google and Skype to Amazon and eBay—don't charge what the market will bear. They charge as little as they can bear. With networks of people, the more users you get, the stronger your competitive position. Scale can trump short-term profits.

Chatham House Rule.

What is the level of debate we are having? Who is having this debate and where?

There is no pain free way to get out of this mess and sacrifice is required from all parties. Hoping to cash a lottery ticket is not a business plan and no amount of wishful thinking will make it a sound strategy. The deadweight loss imposed by irrational tax burdens, reminiscent of the Danegeld without its inherent charms, is a practice that defies comprehension.

I will stipulate that Waldrop, Marzelli et al., might not be as stupid as I constantly say they are. They might not be amoral, megalomaniacal bastards. They might actually have a shred of concern for the game, if only in as much as it affects their pocketbooks.

So why can't they take their position of influence and wrangle the dysfunctional parties to the proverbial table and have an honest discussion, free from the soundbite and kabuki-theatre that accompanies most conferences?
Assure the respective parties an honest and private forum to air out their concerns. Infighting and recrimination is not conducive to developing a cohesive strategy.

Once something is outlined it can be brought to the public forum.

The Agora

Why can't we have the discussion here? (Not here, here, someplace people actually frequent.) Is there one I am missing? Who will host this?

Halsey Minor, Remi Bellocq, Fred Pope, Andrew Black, Ray Paulick, Seth Morrow ( I am sure there are others) all understand the power of the internet and the direction the world is headed. A discussion is required and it needs serious people.

The game is not doomed, it must change though. It needs to shed the waste at the margin. Something is seriously wrong when the number of races you card surpasses the next three countries combined, while the handle per race is next to last of twelve.

Racing in the U.S. managed to build its own pyre of cinnamon sticks but out of the ashes it can rise, reborn.

It just takes an honest and open exchange of ideas.

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