29 September 2008


"Honesty is the best policy-when there is money in it."
-Mark Twain

I watched the Bears dominate the Eagles last night (hanging on, when you have blown two fourth quarter leads in the last two weeks is dominating in my book). One of the plays involved a hit on Orton and the ball coming loose as he was throwing. The ruling on the field was a fumble but then the replay overturned the decision-rightly so. Madden and Michaels noted, wryly, that the ref was the same ref who officiated the Raiders/Pats playoff game and the whole in the grasp, tuck, fumble fiasco that made a career and ruined a franchise. Just ask Al Davis.

A couple of players, from both teams, left the game with injuries and did not return; within ten minutes there were details on their injuries.

Why is horse racing, a game dependent on the availability of information, so mired in obfuscation? Any other game-hockey, football, baseball, basketball-has the officiating crew on display.

Why are the stewards not in the public view?

How hard would it be to take the chief steward and put him on the track, at the finish line or somewhere, in a tower? Technology is a wonderful thing and he/she could be in constant communication with the crew up in the "booth".

Trackus or something like it should be at every track.

How is it that the Jockey Club, in essence an organization of amanuenses, has such a stranglehold on the game? Record the name of the horse, add it to the list and shut the hell up. That would go a long way toward the "...improvement of thoroughbred breeding and racing."

Against all odds, this years Breeder's Cup is shaping up as a true display of the best of the breed. What if all the organizations in the game pooled some of their money and started buying time and space in the mainstream media. Take out a full-page ad in the Stupid Today. Advertise during primetime on the networks, NOT on TVG or HRTV. Spend some money. Do something.

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SaratogaSpa said...

You got it, stop preaching to the base, reach beyond to grab new eyes..stupid today..good one!

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